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Topic Model Analysis

Through each feedback, Main Category (complaint, thanks, request/suggestion, etc.)
Sectoral Main Category (topic mentioned in the feedback)
Sectoral Sub-Category (Details of the subject in question) will be removed.

Dashboard Analysis

It will be displayed on the Power BI dashboard and you will be given the opportunity to view/review it interactively by logging in with the username/password defined.


Emotion Classification

Based on each feedback, Positive-Neutral-Negative classification and a sentiment score between 0-100 will be generated.

PDF Executive Summary

In addition to showing the analysis of dynamic data in Power BI, an overview of the analysis, results and insights obtained are presented with the PDF Executive Summary Report to be sent.

Keyword Analysis

In the Keyword Analysis, which is created with 13 different criteria (date order, agenda order, priority order, etc.), important words within each subject category, that is the output of the feedback, will be specified. The words resulting from the analysis can be used in SEO studies at the next stage, and it can be clearly observed in which words the customer describes the company.

Root Cause Analysis

With Root-Cause analysis, parts of a sentence containing more than one emotional state are identified, and the category in which the feedback belonging to any emotion class is spoken is determined.

Web Traffic and Trend Analysis

By performing a Web Traffic analysis of the brand, information is obtained on how frequently customers search for the company, what words they use to express the brand, and which competitor company they go to next. It is aimed to contribute to SEO studies with artificial intelligence analysis and Web Traffic analysis.

Customer Touch Points Data Analysis (Form, Mail, Message, Call Center, etc.)

Classifying sentiments and topics and presenting the analysis through forms, e-mails, messages and call center data specific to the institution. In this way, the brand's data from both internal and external sources are analyzed and rapid action is taken by the departments.

Social Media Data Analysis

Analysis is presented by classifying sentiments and topics on social media channels such as Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Reddit.

Hypothesis Map

As a result of all analyses, insight/action suggestions are presented. These suggestions are scored according to 5 criteria (financial return, trust, technical ease, impact level and rate of feedback) and presented as action suggestions. The hypothesis map was created entirely based on TheClico analyses, it does not indicate 100% accuracy. The aim is to provide support to brands with the insight and action plans they need.

Example of Analysis Based on Feedback

​"I cannot reach the company that made me cancel the insurance I made for the vehicle, they do not respond urgently."

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