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Empowering businesses with valuable insights from customer feedback.

Turn customer feedback into actions

TheClico: The Art of Understanding the Language of the Digital World Understanding customer feedback has never been more comprehensive and impressive. With Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, TheClico keenly hears your brand's voice and adds transformable value to your business.


Empower Your Decisions Thanks to the deep insights we obtain, you can make the right and informed decisions for your business. Take more informed and effective steps in every field, from your marketing strategies to your product development.

Discover What's Hidden in the Details Through our advanced NLP and ML technologies, we analyze in detail the emotional reactions, priority needs and key themes hidden in customer feedback.

Social Media
Survey and NPS

Data Extraction From Dozens Sources!

Explore hidden opportunities through "data" to outpace your competitors and accelerate your journey to success!

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Maximize insights with TheClico's top-tier tech


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Cozone |  Informatics Innovation Center METU Teknokent 280, D:G, 06510 Çankaya/Ankara/Türkiye

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